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YAY.  So, all the apps (except Georgetown, cuz it’s due on Jan 10)
are done.  I have rejoiced much with TV and food and
sleeping late and everything.  That means all the essays and
optional essays, as well as the letters of recommendation I wrote for
my friends, are all sent.  YAY again.

Two really good phone guys from Verizon came to the house today, yes,
New Year’s Eve on a Saturday.  They felt bad about how we haven’t
had phone service since December 8th (yes, that’s 3 weeks) so they put
in a temporary line.  Huzzah.  I am writing from the comfort
of my own home.

And Lincoln Library apparently has some decent CDs, though many of them
are old as far as mainstream goes.  So now I’ve been able to
“acquire” 9 CDs worth of music since Wednesday.  And I
find that I like the Josh Groban CD quite a bit.  I also got The
Verve Pipe, Eric Clapton, Aerosmith, and dc Talk to name a few. Har
har, yay, ze iPod is wonderful.

I’m going to see Munich tonight which I know/hope will be good.  It looks good, and it’s Spielberg so that’s a good thing (discounting War of the Worlds which was disappointing).

Tomorrow I’m leading an extended worship set at Church.  I’m
preparing that now.  Which I should get back to.  Happy New


the heart breaking makes a sound
i never knew could be
so beautiful and
fury-filled and we
here it comes a beautiful collision
happening now
there seems no end
to where You begin and i
am now; You and i
-david crowder band


Current Status: ALL DONE!!!! YAY!!!! *and there was much rejoicing*

I’m going home now, to watch TV and pass out tonight. Oh yes, and plan this Sunday’s extended worship…. can’t forget that!


Word of God speak
would You pour down like rain?
washing my eyes to see Your majesty

to be still and know
that You’re in this place
please let me stay and rest in Your holiness
Word of God speak
– Mercy Me

Hola everyone. I’m very busy. Thank you to all who commented. Thank you to all who read that.  I’m in the mood for reform, even if I’m still not very good at it.

I’ve been writing essays. Lots. All the time. Here’s the tally:
DONE: Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, B.U., B.C., U.Penn
NOT DONE: Tufts, Johns Hopkins, Princeton
Not yet due: Georgetown

They are evil.  Today I had to take a “photo essay” for Hopkins.  I’ll submit UPenn by the end of the night.

So I’m feeling a little better, though I’m still not getting much better.  I have a long way to go, but all this work (as always) is not helping.  So I’m really wondering what God is up to; from what I understand, if I have less work, I have more time for God and ACF and CGCM etc. but instead of letting me get in early… I already said this in last entry; you get the picture.  Pray for me please.  I’m massively confused and I need to break out from the … desensitized self that I am.

Back to work.  U.Penn isn’t actually submitted, it’s just… 99% done. Ok, back!


so this is the way i say i need You
this is the way that i say i love You
this is the way that i say i’m Yours
this is the way, this is the way…

i’m learning to breathe
i’m learning to crawl
i’m finding that
You and You alone can break my fall
i’m living again, awake and alive
i’m dying to breathe in these abundant skies
– switchfoot

Any/All friends, I  think I owe you this.  Read it if you have time:


It’s the evening of Christmas and I’m writing you all now because I owe you.  This
is mostly for my Christian brothers and sisters, but there are pieces
in here that are directed to any of my friends who have been with me
this term and this Christmas break.

I owe everybody a large apology.  I’ve been very slothful, very mope-y towards the end of this term and throughout this vacation.  Self-wallowing is a symptom of the egocentric; I’m also guilty of this.  I’ve been dwelling in my failures of the fall.  I’ll some of the ones that bother me but in no particular order:


1.        XC: the absolute disappointment that Interschols was.  How I will have no more chances to own our rivals alongside my fellow Andover soldiers.  Most
of all, my own terrible final performance at Interschols, how I
personally failed and let myself and teammates and coaches down.  For
all my improvements (like my personal best time for instance), I feel
like it’s all been for naught because this year when we were guaranteed
the win almost, we blew it and there’s no second chance for me as a

2.        ACF: I feel like I’ve been a poor leader.  Now
before you write lots of “that’s not true” statements and whatnot, you
have to know that I tend to do this even if it’s not me.  I’m a categorical Lion-type leader – I am forward, aggressive, ambitious and one who takes charge.  So
when things don’t go well (or, in an egocentric manner of thinking,
when things don’t go my way) I wonder how I screwed up. This has
nothing to do with race or over-achiever-ness, it’s my leadership type
I’m pretty sure.  But I feel like I’ve let ACF down because our attendance has fallen and the discussions have been harder to muster together.  The “grand plan” that I spearheaded was not right for ACF and I really have no idea what I’m going to do about ACF.

3.        CGCM: As worship leader I try to keep the worship interesting and fresh and enjoyable and good.  Now
I am happy/pleased/proud that so many of the new songs I’ve introduced
this year have been actually successful (at least in my opinion –
please tell me if you disagree).  However, I can’t tell what it’s like out there in the congregation.  I’m
usually busy concentrating on my music and playing and leading, but
when I do listen, I can’t hear the congregation very much.  Now that may be nothing, but I sense a sort of…slowness or sluggishness from the congregation.  If
I the loud songs aren’t getting you pumped and the slow/reflective
worship pieces aren’t getting you to reflect and worship, then I’ve
failed.  If music isn’t doing its part, then I’ve failed.  Now
this could have nothing to do with me, but – like Joyce (scary I know)
– I feel that our church has a lot of greatness that it simply doesn’t
care to stir up.  As a go-getter I can’t stand that.  But maybe it’s got nothing to do with me.

4.        College Garbage: NOTE – this part is not a rant about “I wish I got into Harvard and why didn’t I get into Harvard” blah blah.  I am disappointed, but not depressed.  I am more annoyed.  I have worked unbelievably hard this term and mustered only a 5.0 average.  Don’t kill me, my expectations are what they are.  Any ‘sympathies’ like “most people would kill for those grades” are not appreciated here.  And still, for good GPA and extracurrics and all the things people say that I’ve got, I didn’t to get in early.  And I want to get in early cuz I don’t want to do any more apps.  I feel like all the academic pressure is the reason that I’ve fallen away from God.  I’ve been so fricking busy that my faithlife has suffered.

5.        Um…Yeah…: This category is kinda fuzzy.  But
it’s got something to do with girls and that girl and the girl and me
and loneliness and that almost-drunken mood I was in that night of
Interschols.  Let’s say that I’ve been… not entirely satisfied being single this term.  Which, I add, is stupid because I’ve spent lots of time single and I know that God is quite in favor of me being unattached.  But the loneliness has crept in while I’ve been click-clacking out essays and papers.  I’m
sorry to anyone who read that essay I wrote the night of Interschols –
you should never “see” me so mad; you should never see me so mad at her
because she frankly doesn’t deserve it.  With
my whole ill-fated pursuit of that girl (oh so much ambiguity…it’s
because I’m too embarrassed to use names) and whatnot, it’s been a lot
of wasted effort, a lot of dissatisfaction and a lot of longing.


So you know what’s got me down.  XC isn’t so much a current thorn in my side; I just try not to think about it.  But the next 4 items on this list have culminated into a vortex of my self-loathing, apathy, and failure.  Some of them are actually my failures, some of them are my perceived failures.  My faith this term has been steadily declining.  I
may have led a very good series of Thanksgiving worship sets (if I may
say so myself) but it didn’t and doesn’t mean that my state of faith is
good.  The XC failures and the very heavy academic workload have been contributing factors to it.  And with my spiritual weakness, the loneliness has crept in and drained the life out of me.  Because
of my weakened faith, it’s quite likely that I’ve messed up somewhere
along the way, not made a mistake, really failed along the way because
I should’ve been better with God but wasn’t.  I hope you got all that, it’s kinda… messy/complicated and interconnected and hard to disentangle.  My
poor faith has robbed me of the peace and the power that I had in Jesus
earlier in the term (and believe me, I was never solider with God).  It caused me to chase other things.  I pursued self-glorifying things.  And worst of all, I pursued that girl (I won’t use her name).  So you get it now right?  I’ve been a serious mess-up this term and I’m sorry.  ACF and CGCM, you’ve both been victims of my apathy and other-mindedness.  I’ve
been preoccupied with girls or loneliness or work and it’s interfered
with my worship sets or discussion preparation and that’s probably
affected you somehow.  I’m sorry.  I really am.  As
a pretty steady soldier of God, it sucks to know that I may have
contributed to the dwindling enthusiasm (and in the case of ACF,
attendance) for no important reason.

And vacation has not been much better.  That’s probably because of the deferral.  I’m not depressed I promise, but I am apathetic.  Because I’m so worn out, I don’t want to write more essays.  They stink.  But more importantly, that apathy has bled –even more severely than before – into my faith, again.  I’ve
become aware that God wants me back not like “Hey son, the company
could really use you again,” but more like “Greg, please, you’re
hurting yourself.”  He’s right.  I have been hurting myself.  By
being so apathetic, I’ve left these college essays till very late
(ouch) and also, I’ve continued to be lazy in reconstructing my faith.  I pray “God I want You.  Save me, fix me, let’s clean this up,” and then I… don’t do anything about it.  I’m stupid like that you know.  So nothing has changed so far.  Oh yeah, and the worst part: I’ve been continuing my er… pursuits.  I suddenly realized this evening “oh fricking A, I’m an idiot.”  I’ve been leading on this girl recently.  What makes it really terrible is that I don’t feel anything for her, not that way at least.  I’m searching for…gratification, legitimacy, an ego boost… or something.  And it’s irresponsible and stupid.  Now you might say “oh Greg, you’re two things: 1. Teenage, 2. Boy.  It’s ok.”  Yeah those two things are true, but the fact is I’m being mean, I’m being stupid, and I’m being defiant to God again.  So in the end I hurt three people: myself, her, and God.  I really am stupid.  Gah.

I’ve left out lots of details and names.  If
you want to know which girl I’m talking about (the old one, the more
recent one, the most recent one) or what essay I’m talking about or
anything in here, you have a right to know I guess, so you can ask if
you want.  I’ve been a very stupid brother, leader, and son lately.  I’ve been moody, volatile, and apathetic, I’ve been a jerk (to this most recent girl in particular) and a sloth.  So
if I’ve been mean or inconsiderate to you, or if I just haven’t been
talking to you this much this term during school when I used to care a
lot more about you I’m sorry.  It’s not that I don’t care about you, I’m just stupid.  I’m going to fix this I promise.  I don’t deny that mistakes are out of my control, but these stupid real failures can go away.  As a leader, I can’t afford to waste anymore of God’s (or my) time nor do I want to.  I want this:

I want to see miracles

To see the world change

I want to be one today

Centered and true

And I really mean that.  This Switchfoot song may be called Twenty-Four but for my purposes, I’ll call it Eighteen.  I wrote this letter because You’re raising the dead in me.  Through some powerful song reminders, God’s pierced through the shell of laziness.  So for all the apologies and un-Greg behavior, I’m gonna get going.


I’m singing “Spirit take me up in arms with You”


Your brother (& for most of you) in Christ,


-Greg Hsu

I’m at ze Lincoln Library again after spending a whole bunch of time with Powell & Will, my homeboys from Shady Hill (yes, I said Homeboys, don’t call the police).

Let’s see…. Monday I hung out with Will at his house.  We played “Need For Speed: Most Wanted” which is a lot of fun some of those 18-wheeler trucks are scary and ramming police cars is very enjoyable  I stayed for dinner too.

Yesterday I hung around the house and watched some Veronica Mars (ordered by Felicity and Ernice – that’s Eunice – on penalty of death if I don’t… or maybe that’s on penalty of death if I don’t return them…) Then Will and I went to Powell’s house.  Powell JUST got out of school and he goes to a private school too har har I have a month off and Powell has only 13 days.  We watched Serenity and Fantastic Four last night with Armando’s pizza for dinner.  Serenity was really really good; the little girl was scary though.
Captain: You wanna run this ship?
Jan: YEAH!
Captain: *blanch* Well… Well you can ‘t!

Captain: Dear Buddha, please bring me a pony and a plastic rocket.

Today I went and bought my Dad a Christmas present and as I was driving out of the parking lot at Alewife I got rear-ended.   At Alewife there’s a light that controls how you pull out and I stopped cuz it was red and there was no space for me to go anyway… and I got hit.  Yay.  I was a little freaked out.  All I remember was that I was angry when I got out of the car and I can’t quite remember what I said.  I wasn’t too venemous I know but yeah.  I was kinda shaking on the way home; not cool to be hit, but there was no damage so everything should be OK.

And tomorrow I’m going up to Andover to hang out with Bec and then Dave.  Should be a good time.  I have College Apps to do too don’t I… Oh dear *sigh*

OK I’m off.


You are God in heaven
and here am i on earth
so i’ll let my words be few
cuz Jesus i am so in love with You
phillips, craig & dean

The phone/internet in ze house is still broken.  EVIL. To the nth degree.  Grr…. so here’s my cellphone in case you need to find me: 781.325.5880

On Friday I got my eyes checked.  Apparently I have a miled case
of astigmatism in both eyes.  But it’s not enough to warrant
getting those funky special contax, which is good, cuz they’re bigger,
and grosser, and cost more.  My vision hasn’t gotten too much
worse he said.  I also went to Paul’s house and saw joYEE
[aka bah-nee] and her cool worship team friends.  We had food and
Mike ate.  A lot.  And he’s now 6 pounds overweight *sigh*.

Saturday I got up early and went to help at the soup kitchen.  It
wasn’t what I expected; it was grittier, seedier, not as clean or
cheery or white and shiny as like Rosie’s Place or the Framingham Civic
Center… but then again a soup kitchen – what SHOULD I have
expected?  It was a shelter for alcoholics and it was a wet
shelter meaning that the inhabitants DON’T have to be clean of drugs or
alcohol.  So technically, all the people we served could’ve been
high or drunk.  But they seemed completely OK which I’m thankful
for.  They were totally civil, polite, and grateful.  We
served them fried chicken, corn on the cob (then salad when we ran
out), mashed potatoes, and gravy.  I also helped peel potatoes
beforehand.  We ate lunch at Solomon Pond Mall and then we saw
Chronicles of Narnia.  It was good; the CG for Aslan for instance is absolutely phenomenal;
his mane and eyes and everything.  The battle scene with all the
interesting animals is also really sweet.  Yay for the
resurrection of one of my favorite childhood books (and BBC
videos).  We went out to dinner last night for
parents anniversary too.  I was up kinda late preparing the set
and also prepping my Secret Santa Present
*gasp*!  I wonder who it was I bought gifts
for?  *shrug* guess we’ll never know (or rather, YOU’ll never know)

I led worship this morning and I felt the set was pretty good.  Threw in some songs we haven’t done in awhile:
i.   I Stand in Awe of You
ii.  Angels We Have Heard on High
iii. When God Ran [into…]
iv. Come Home Running
v.  Everything
And Pastor Jay came to speak.  It’s always
good when he comes.  He also brought his posse of counselors and
youth; Becky (one of the girls who went) told me there were 11 of
them.  So, adding in Joy and her friends, and Tee and Tam (Joyce’s
cousins), Allisence and her friends, and Kyle (Frances’ friend) we
had… 20 people we don’t normally have so we doubled
attendance.  Jay’s message was good.

I’m going to hang out with Will tomorrow… then try and hang out with
Dave on Thursday I think.  I have apps to finish though. 
Blah, much to do.

Ok I’m out.  And here’s a survey for fun which reveals much about me (err.. right)

o heart of mine come back HOME
you’ve been too long out
on your own
and He’s been there all along
watching for you down the road.
-chris tomlin


100 Facts About Me

001. Your First Name: Gregory
002. Your Middle Name: which one?… Philip John Hou-En
003. Place of Birth: Pittsburgh, PA
004. Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
005. Male or Female: Male
006. Your last name: Hsu
007. School: Phillips Acadamy (though we prefer to say Andover since it sounds less pompous)
008. Birthday: December 11th
009. Residence: Lincoln, MA (or Andover, MA)
010. Screen Name: HSUsYOURdaDDY

__Your Appearance___

012. Hair Color: Black
013. Hair Long or Short: short. some call it “soldier” short.
014. Eye Color: brown
015. How do your nails look: cut and clean (i trimmed them recently. yay it helps with piano)
016. Height: 5′ 4″ -ish
017. Do you have a crush on someone: i’m current unafflicted *phew*
021. Piercings: nope
022. Tattoos: hahaha no, but I’m old enough to
023. Righty or Lefty: rightey.  we live longer

___Your ‘Firsts’___

024. First friend: first friend?  Jake Rogell (im’ not sure exactly how to spell his last name) in school at lesat.
025. Real friend: from Pittsburgh, that’d be Jake.  from Lincoln
Schools, that’d be Will Quayle in 1st grade and all the way up to 8th
grade through Shady Hill.
026. First best friend(s): FIRST best friend? that’d also be Will.  I kinda thought that was implied.
027. First award: whoa.. umm in Chinese school i recited that “xiao lao
shu” poem for 1st place which was funny… i dunno, other stuff
I guess but i remember that one.
028. First Sport You Joined: soccer i suppose.  then baseball.  and now i’m a 3-season runner.
029. First pet: fish i guess, but we never really had pets.
030. First vacation: oh geez, i can’t remember.  i’ve been traveling since before i have memories of the places.
031. First Concert: technically i’ve never been to one
*gasp* don’t kill me. how bout the concerts that
worship team does? like.. at retreats or like the Thxgiving one? i like
PLAYING in those

__ Favorites___

033. Movie: snatch, the last samurai, das boot, hero, master and commander, plenty more…
036. Artist/band: david crowder, chris tomlin, matt redman, lifehouse,
switchfoot, casting crowns, goo goo dolls, howie day, john mayer,
something corporate (if ONLY for the one song), maroon 5, third eye
blind… many more.
037. Song: hmm…  i guess it’s Everything by Lifehouse.  For other Christian songs?  I dunno, Obsession by David Crowder Band, or Facedown by Matt Redman.  For secular… Konstantine by Something Corporate, Ghost by Howie Day (but the long and echoey one that doesn’t turn into “beams of light” or lots of swearing on his part), Split Screen Sadness by John Mayer.. Oh goodness, I’m just listing my “:(” list aren’t I.  Ok enough.
038. Food: ICE CREAM is my favorite staple snack probably cuz i only
get it once a week at PA.  Umm.. tong meen (noodle soup) from
Chinatown or even at home is good, my Mom’s cooking, pizza is a
039. Drink: orange juice is good, sodas (except for root beer or mountain dew)
040. Candy: for chocolate I like Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.  For others… Starburst, Jolly Ranchers, and Sour Patch Kidz.
041. Sport: Running; XC, Track.  And somebody’s gonna go and whine
“running’s not a sport” I’m sure.  At our level it sure is.
045. School: Umm… I’m at Andover.  That would be my
favorite.  I want to get into Harvard… Yale is a close “second”
choice (I don’t want to sound all high & mighty, i got deferred
046. Animal: Cats are good, and with that, tigers. Pigs are cool too,
small and cute ones, not like FAT and MEATful ones.  And rabbits
are loveable.  that’s it i guess.  i don’t have a “favorite”
animal really.
047. Books: Miracle at St. Anna by James McBride.
048. Magazines: don’t have.


049. Eating: nothing.
050. Drinking: nada.
051. Money in pocket? $8.00 in Ones.
053. Listening to: the whirring sound of the computers, i’m at the Library but if I weren’t i’d be listening ot my “PUMPED” playlist, the one I put up a week ago.
055. Wanting: to have the internet fixed at my house.
056. Watching: the clock to know how long i’ve been here.
057. Wearing: Old Navy green “State” shirt, Old Navy button-down shirt,
Old Navy jeans (oh goodness gracious), and … crap Old Navy
fleece.  This is absolutley RIDICULOUS.  i swear it’s not
normally this bad. OH WAIT!!! I’m also wearing my Andover Track
Jacket.  man that’s awful.  normally it’s not this bad i

_Your Future_

058. Want Kids?: Yeah when I’m in a good and happy state of mind about the world.  So yeah in general yes.
059. Want to Get Married?: Definitely.
060. Careers in Mind: I’m technically going pre-med (my apps all say
“MEDICINE”) but i’m open to law too (like my Mom I suppose, and my
parents have NOT pushed me in either direction).  Social science I
guess with the aim of working in the gov’t, not like a senator or
anything, but working in a department.  I dunno just musing.

_Which is Better With The Opposite Sex_

067. Cute or Sexy: … that depends on my mood haha.  no, normally it’s cute.
068. Lips or Eyes: eyes, i don’t normally look at people’s lips unless there’s something wrong…
069. Hugs or Kisses: this question is awkward.
070. Short or Tall: ahahaha I obviously prefer a girl who’s shorter
than I am, but Becca was not – it’s really not THAT important unless
she TOWERS over me.
071. Easy-going or serious: she’s gotta be both or she and i will not
work out. i’m a goofball with friends for one minute, then i’m very
serious in a conversation or something a minute later.  i think
it’s necessary to be a good friend (let alone gf) to be able to be both
072. Romantic or Spontaneous: they’re not really opposite who thought
of this.  romantic I guess.  spontaneous?  sure that
too.  like I said, I don’t see how “choosing” one of these makse
073. Fatty or Skinny: skinny, in a normal sense, not like … watchband
skinny.  healthy.  athletic. wait, that’s not in THIS
category sorry.
074. Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive.  and how the heck are these
OPPOSITE?  is that to say that loud people are not
sensitive?  in that case sensitive means like “how sensitive are
you to NOISE?”  stupid survey.
077. Trouble Maker or Hesitant one: Trouble maker is an extreme and
hesitant one is in the middle.  I’m a little of both, both rebel
and reserved (more often the second I guess).  I’d say NOT a
trouble maker cuz then I’d have to go… I dunno, dealing with it, or
cleaning it up, or rescuing her or whatnot.  How bout normal.

___Have You Ever___

078. Kissed a Stranger: wth? haha no
079. Drank Bubbles: wut does THAT mean? does champagne count?
080. Lost glasses/contacts: yup contax
081. Ran Away From Home: i said i was at the time but it really wasn’t.
082. Broken a Bone: I’ve broken toes.
083. Gotten an X-ray: yeah i think so
084. Broken Someone’s Heart: … i actually don’t know.  i would
think that i did (what i did certinaly had the… capacity to do so I
think), but you’d have to ask her.
085. Broken Up With Someone: yeah
087. Cried When Someone Died: no… not many people have died in my lifetime
088. Cried At School: i love it school. read my essays, they talk about tears and whatnot.  put 2 and 2 together.

___Do You Believe In___

089. God: of course.
090. Miracles: my God does them.
091. Love At First Sight: sure
092. Ghosts: yeah
093. Aliens: why not. but not in particular, i’m not afraid that martians will take us over liek in War of the Worlds.
095. Heaven: yes
096. Hell: yes
098. Kissing on the first date: umm probably not
099. Horoscopes: haha no

___Answer Truthfully___

100. Is there someone that you want but you know you can’t have?: a
deep question huh?  no i’m cured as far as i know.  i know i
still have a sore spot about it; i tried so hard and she still said
“no, just friends” which is disappointing… so i guess you could say
that when i see a picture of her or her or something i feel a sting.
but NO, not in any real sense.

Hi everybody.  The phone at my house is dead ( = internet is dead, yes, dial-up) so I’ve been kinda out of touch lately.

1. Saturday was good.  Went to Harvard and ran in the open/invitational.  Coach Callum seeded me for 24.9; I was in lane 2 (hurray) in heat 10.  I smoked the competition.  By the end of the first curve, I’d eliminated 3 competitors.  By the end of the far straight, I’d taken out another 1.  And I was even with the last guy by the beginning of the last curve – since I was on the inside lane, I had less ground to run.  Dad filmed it and I won the race by 15 meters or more, with a good time of 24.1 – YAY.  Afterwards, drove up to Andover and went to Kate’s house and had dinner there (fajitas, yum) with Andrews Yoon & Hsiao, Jen, Bec and Kate, and Mike came for dessert which was, to my great surprise, a birthday cake.  The whole meal was fantastic, and Jen’s present is cool.

2. Sunday, led worship which went all right.  I’m on the repair and the rebound spiritually so I talked about that.  Went to Wal-Mart and BestBuy and then ate Korean barbecue (kal bi r0x0rz, no i did not just type in 1337) for dinner.

This week I’ve been working up at Andover, doing student calling.  I’ve been running at the Cage too.  Yesterday I went and got the stuff for my Secret Santa *gasp* and then went to see King Kong with Kate, Mike, Jen and Bec (pretty much the same crowd) which was good.  The two major scenes with dinosaurs are SWEET.  Before the movie, I said hello to Dowdy and Dave at the Admissions Office.  Then worked… then home.

Oh yes.  In case anybody’s wondering…from the Big H (that’s Harvard for the dense people): “we…have deferred our decision until the regular spring meetings.”  I got the lower case ‘d’ for deferred… *sigh* which means I have to write more essays.

All right, I’m off to Andover, I need to run again.

this is it now
everybody get down
this is all i can take
this is how a heart breaks
– rob thomas