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Ivy Day

UPDATED.  One more rejection. yay……

So today is Ivy Day… I had… a triple sleep-in but I
didn’t use it.  I’m done with my homework for tomorrow because of
all the free periods which is good.  I had… double Math and
single Music.  Had a long track practice even though we only did
skills/recovery; did a lot of Callumthenics and stadium stairs and then
did hurdle walkovers (which I don’t like).  Had a good dinner –
Italian night apparently, and there was Italian ice and also cream
puffs for dessert.

I thought I’d add an random but amusing picture before I report the results.  So here’s the picture:Llama is Chasing ME

And the news….

Is essentially bad.

Rejected: Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, Yale
Wait-Listed: Duke, U. Penn

Other news (new & old) consists of…

Admitted: B.C., B.U., Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Tufts.

So yeah.

NOTA BENE: No huggy-happy-oh-that’s-great-you-know
comments please, you can leave something if you like, but nothing of
that sort.  Comments of those types are only sincere and/or
heartfelt in person or on the phone.

Have ACF planning meeting tomorrow.  Have to figure out what’s
going on with the term.  I’m wondering and thinking about (among
other things) how God’s gonna work in this group in the spring. 
And have to talk to some people at church too.  But that’s


UPDATED: Back from DC, and back to school

Updated [3/27/06 at 11:31pm]

First day back.  I’ve done a bunch of schedule changing… dropped
my 2nd English, lined up for Peffer’s English.  Put in a request
to get McGraw’s English but doubt I will.  Went to my classes
today… hopefully they’ll be all right.  Had track as well which
as good.

I’m trying to sort some things out right now, it hasn’t been… easy or
clean or happy go lucky.  I’m still climbing that cliff of faith
that I’ve unwisely dropped off of by laziness and preoccupation, but
I’m climbing it and the devos are going all right.  I just need to
infuse them, make them into my life because I do believe and agree with
and identify with a lot of the stuff I read.  Also, there are
other things I’m dealing with.  God hasn’t asked me to go and….
give up anything, but I know that I probably should.  For a
variety of reasons, I think I’ll be closing this… short and…
relatively small chapter in my life.  And that’s as vague as I
get, ask me if you like; I’ll probably tell you.

Oh yeah, also, got accepted to both B.U. and Georgetown today! That was good.

So the tally is now YES from B.C., B.U. and Georgetown.

Ok back to Physics   [Ended at 11:34pm]


Phew, back from DC now.  It’s quite a drive… We left on Thursday
before 8pm.  I’d gone running and finished watching Shane that day
(If you’ve seen The Negotiator, you know what question I was trying to
answer the WHOLE time – can’t say I know, but I liked the movie). 
We drove down to the New Jersey Turnpike and then stopped for the night
and got into DC on Friday around noon.  We went to the
International Spy Museum which was quite enjoyable.  The spy
gadgets were really cool, some of those cameras and scary spy weapons
(some rather nasty-looking hooks and concealable blades and such) and
other artifacts made it pretty interesting.  We went to the Old
Post Office Pavillion to eat lunch, which is a place that we’ve been to
before.  I like it there, it’s not too touristy or noisy. 
Later in the day, we walked the Tidal Basin (sadly the cherry blossoms
are not yet out) and saw the FDR Memorial.  We ate that night at a
Chinese restaurant with fantastic Peking duck.  On Saturday, my
parents wanted to see the National Gallery so we went to the Cezanne
exhibit and looked at some of the impressionist paintings.  We
went to to Museum of American History and looked at an exhibit about
the extermination on Polio and Dad and I saw a piece on Americans at
War.  Afterwards, we went to M St (Georgetown area) and had a good
dinner at an Indian restaurant and walked around the gated Georgetown
campus for a bit so my Mom could see it.  Today, we visited the
Botanical Gardens, took a brief look at the Museum of the American
Indian, and then saw SpaceShipOne hanging from the ceiling of the Air
and Space Museum.  Afterwards, we drove straight back.  It’s
a long drive… we arrived back at the dorm at 8:30 after leaving DC
around 1:50 I believe.

So that was my weekend.  School starts tomorrow.  I didn’t
get either English class I wanted, but I’ll keep my 2nd period class
with Stabes (AGAIN!) if nothing works out.  I’m dropping my 7th
period English with Cerci no doubt.  Track also starts
tomorrow.  I hope all this running and lifting I’ve been doing
will help.  God knows I’ll have to be darn good if I’m gonna be
even… memorable at all this season with the two extra PGs in addition
to our winter stars Zoom and Jason.

Oh yes, I also get an acceptance letter from BC, so I’m into BC,
yay!  I will be awaiting the rest of my college mail at the end of
this week.  Here it comes I guess.

Spiritually I’m ok, a little unfed I think but that’s because of
vacation.  It’s not a good excuse, but I don’t often do devos when
I’m on vacation with my family.  It’s usually because I don’t get
the privacy although the last two nights I could’ve if I tried.. bah,
I’m getting things back in order.  All across the board.  Ask
me about if you like.

Ok time to sleep.

RAhr, another entry.  Got up kinda late-ish cuz I went to bed late last night, I was reading before I went to sleep…  I watched 24 yesterday with Dad, it was a good episode!  Today, I finished watching The Virgin Suicides and am… almost finished (I think) with The Village.  I did my devos this morning and it felt good, but what really got me today was when I was driving to and from the track in Lexington.  I was listening to the David Crowder CD (most of which I look upon with disappointment and disdain because most of the CD is just…. “artful” interludes instead of real music, instead of the worship songs that Crowder is really good at… but moving on), I was listening to the CD, the beginning since that’s where the real songs are, and I was singing them out loud, and loudly, with the volume turned up.  THAT felt good, I lead worship and prep sets and such, but something like that is…. rare for me I guess.  I dunno it felt good.  Especially since last night and today I’ve been feeling upset, frustrated, sad, a little bleak, a little desolate again.  Not as bad as last vacation, and for different reasons this time, but I think I’m climbing up the cliff-face to get back up and walk the walk again.  Phew.

This is a test I stole from Anne Kim.  Yay.  My comments to each little … trait are also included.


You chose CY – your Enneagram type is SIX.

“I am affectionate and skeptical”

Questioners are responsible, trustworthy, and value loyalty to family, friends, groups, and causes. Their personalities range broadly from reserved and timid to outspoken and confrontative.

How to Get Along with Me

  • Be direct and clear.
    I agree.  Be straight up with me.
  • Listen to me carefully.
    Hahaha yes I like that, and I like to think that I mean this because when I speak, it’s because I have something important to say, although I know that’s not always true
  • Don’t judge me for my anxiety.
    Hm… don’t make a judgment about me based upon how I look in my darker or angrier hours, rather, judge what it makes into, how it makes me act.  Know that I don’t like being angry and … I start getting very snappy, but particularly, I start swearing a lot when I’m angry.  Judge the crisis or problem or frustration that’s on my mind based on how strongly it’s making me act.
  • Work things through with me.
    Absolutely.  If I know you and we speak, it’s usually because I like you or value you or we’re friends.  Work things through in a crisis, it makes us stronger, and I’m a real believer in talking out all the… crap of situation, seriously.
  • Reassure me that everything is OK between us.
    Yeah….. I’ll spend hours with you on an issue, or problem, between us if you’re willing to.  I value friendships to the utmost, and if I ask you “are we ok?” then… tell me the truth.  If you’re really mad at me, let me know.  If we’re really OK, then tell me that.  I like to know that I’m on solid ground.
  • Laugh and make jokes with me.
    Yeah, I guess this is true.  I like laughing, I have a, I like to think and I’ve been told, a good sense of humor and all jokes, esoteric to layman, are good.  But also know that as soon as I get a serious look on my face, or start talking about something serious, I expect you to meet me on that plane and, while humor can help it, jokes are not appreciated.
  • Gently push me toward new experiences.
    Depends what…. for instance, My Khanh wanting us to go to the BK Grill to sing karaoke is fun!  Anything that compromises my values (aka, faith) is out of the question so you can ask, but I’ll decline and hopefully you know not to ask.
  • Try not to overreact to my overreacting.
    Hahahaha that’s so true!  I get very worked up, I rant a whole lot…. telling me to shut up is rarely the right answer.  I may be wrong, or irrational, but, if you happen to be my friend, listen while I unload for a bit.  Now if I’m really outrageous, tell me to get a grip on myself, but it’s just… I dunno, frustration etc., then…. yeah don’t bite me; know that my anger is probably not directed at you, so have no fear.

What I Like About Being a Six

  • being committed and faithful to family and friends
    Yup. I’m pretty dependable and I’m proud of it, I love to show that I love my family and friends.
  • being responsible and hardworking
    Yup, same thing.  I show that I’m dependable by these two things often.
  • being compassionate toward others
    I try, and for my friends, I really am compassionate.  But… if you betray my trust or start being unlike yourself (aka, reversing values or beliefs, not even on a religious scale), that may make me hard to talk to.  But yeah, for friends, for my Christian family, I really am.  I feel when others hurt.
  • having intellect and wit
    hahaha yay!
  • being a nonconformist
    Umm… I’m not that much a rebel.  I play by the rules.  I’d say that being Christian, to the extent that I am, makes me nonconformist… being one of the few Asians (that’s… ‘good’ anyways) in my sport makes me nonconformist… but not much else really… I play piano and do well in school… *shrug*
  • confronting danger bravely
    Bravely…. I dunno, depends what brave is.  If the act of confronting danger is brave, then yes.  I guess… yeah that’s right I think, just.. doing what needs to be done, doing what’s right, even if it’s hard or painful.
  • being direct and assertive
    I don’t always LIKE this per se, but yes, I value confidence, I enjoy being confident enough to be direct and assertive.  I know however that I can slice people when I’m not careful…

What’s Hard About Being a Six

  • the constant push and pull involved in trying to make up my mind.
    Make up my mind?  I don’t usually have problems with that.  It’s usually things like “Greg do you want to go on this trip for vacation?” or something small like that… Oh there it is, I’ve got it: I have issues making long-term decisions, like…. decisions that will only come into play in the long-term.  I don’t anticipate that picking colleges will be like this, cuz that will be pretty immediate, but something usually less important that will occur much later will make me fret.
  • procrastinating because of fear of failure; having little confidence in myself
    This kinda… doesn’t work.  Procrastinating because of fear of failure?  Bull.  If I have to do something I make sure that it’s right or work as hard and as long as I need to.  I think that my late Saturday nights preparing for worship is something like this… always looking up chords and putting together a playlist on iTunes to hear it before I decide on it and everything… I think I get over the FEAR of failure by engaging in hard work and a little perfectionism in order to avoid it.  No, I have confidence.  This one’s off the mark by a mile.
  • fearing being abandoned or taken advantage of
    The second part of this is…. weird.  I am afraid of being abandoned.  I’m extroverted, social, appreciative and needful of people, relationships, friends, people I trust and who trust me. Being taken advantage of?? I dunno about that, I help people as best as I can, and often as I can so… in a sense I allow myself to be taken advantage of?  No, that doesn’t quite work.  In any case, the first part is true, the second part is random and irrelevent for me.
  • exhausting myself by worrying and scanning for danger
    THis is… peculiar.  Yeah it kinda makes sense, I tend to be… realistic which can often be pessimistic, relying much on experience and on a pessimistic view of people (people usualy means people as a whole).  Scanning for danger?  When we/I plan things, I think things through and I try to avoid things I believe won’t work… Exhausted by TRYING and WORKING and LEADING and everything sounds more correct.
  • wishing I had a rule book at work so I could do everything right
    Rule book? Rule books are restrictive.  Try a roadmap.  Roadmaps lead the way, the WAYS.  Roadmap is better.  God leads me yeah, but you know that I’m often asking/writing/saying “I wish He would make it clearer.”  People often say that I have to trust myself more and just… act bravely… yeah, I wish I had a roadmap, I wish I had it better defined.
  • being too critical of myself when I haven’t lived up to my expectations
    Yeahh…… that fits the profile.  When things fail or screw up, since I’m leader of ACF for instance and for CGC worship, I often blame myself.  I mean… the leader is responsible for leading… if it doesn’t work, doesn’t that imply something about the leadership?  People say I’m too hard on myself and they’re probably right.  So I think this one is correcto.

Sixes as Children Often

  • are friendly, likable, and dependable, and/or sarcastic, bossy, and stubborn.
    I was all these things… I think it was clearest at church.
  • are anxious and hypervigilant; anticipate danger
  • form a team of “us against them” with a best friend or parent
    Hmm…. I dunno.
  • look to groups or authorities to protect them and/or question authority and rebel
  • are neglected or abused, come from unpredictable or alcoholic families, and/or take on the fearfulness of an overly anxious parent
    WHAT? No way.

Sixes as Parents (Ok… hopefully)

  • are often loving, nurturing, and have a strong sense of duty
  • are sometimes reluctant to give their children independence
  • worry more than most that their children will get hurt
  • sometimes have trouble saying no and setting boundaries


My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 0% on ABC

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You scored higher than 55% on XYZ

Link: The Quick and Painless ENNEAGRAM Test written by felk on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

V for Vendetta, and some other stuff

Vacation is half over now.  It’s been pretty quiet still, not a
whole lot since I last updated…  I went running again on Friday,
perhaps a little too hard…. I’ve found that the cold really reduces
my speed and flexibility and natural muscle movement and increases the
chance of injury.  So… I had a very dangerous twinge and I’m
aware of that now.  Then went to church and played piano and had
Bible study, it was a good time.

Saturday, got up late, then dumped trash and went to Chinatown for dim
sum again!  Man the food is so good
Afterwards, went to Costco, and got The Five People You Meet in Heaven,
and later went to check out some framing stuff.  To this winter’s
track stuff framed it would cost quite a lot… grr.  I did
worship prep until quite late that evening, then Sunday I led
worship.  There were 2 hymns (so we don’t do them often, if at
all; they’re well-known, but I dunno if everyone knew them)… and then
I introduced the song Deeper by Delirious… Hopefully the set as a whole wasn’t too unfamiliar…

After church on Sunday, drove to Powell’s house.  He and I watched 2 movies on Sunday: A History of Violence (which wasn’t that great – it was weird, different than I’d hoped, and kinda… sedated for a drama, action movie) and Boondock Saints (which was awesome.  Oh boy, Irish people rock, although they swear quite a lot).  Today, we went to see V for Vendetta
which was also REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD.  It wasn’t
exactly what I thought it would be, but this time in a good way. 
There’s one….. kinda-off/weird/messed up thing in the movie, but it’s
really good if you suspend disbelief etc.  To top that, I found
some posters on Saturday in Boston that were street ads for V for
Vendetta, which was sooooo sick.  Two posters were stapled on the
ends around the girth of a lamppost and they were just so great that I
had to…. ‘obtain’ some. *cough*  They’re just like the
propaganda in the movie which read:
They are awesome.  Yeah.  It’s a good movie, go see it.
Faithwise it’s not good, but it’s better than it was last week. 
I’ve avoided pitfalls better and been better at ignoring temptation and
such.  Now I need to keep up the devos and make the connection

All right, time to clean up.  I’ve got stuff all over the floor;
clothes, posters, running gear, spare change, books, DVDs – a whole lot
of stuff.


i wanna go deeper
but is it just a stupid whim
i wanna be weaker
be a help to the strong
i wanna run faster
but this old leg won’t carry me
i wanna be, i wanna be
– delirious?


This is the end of my 4th day of spring break.  It’s been pretty
low-key, relaxing, and enjoyable.  Been watching a whole bunch of
movies as I often do.  So far it’s been…. Hearts in Atlantis, The Bourne Supremacy, House of Flying Daggers, Hero, and I’m in the process of finishing One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
I really like this one, the characters are really really funny although
it’s portrayal of the treatment of mentally-ill patients is like…….
30 years behind it’s time (so instead of 1963 it’s like…. pre-WWII…
but *shrug* art I guess?).  Hopkins is good in Hearts, I remember
how much I like the 2nd Bourne movie now, House of Flying Daggers
is…. so-so, the ending and the plot-development is pretty blah, and
actually, the kung-fu is really really second-rate.  It’s really a
terrible fall from … HERO!  Hero is one of the best movies
ever.  Oh man, so good.

Tuesday I had a dental appointment and went to Lunch with Mom at Vinny
T’s in Lexington (I really don’t like the new name; Vinny Testa’s
sounded more authentic… now it just sounds cheap… but the foods
decent!) after we went to Old Navy and some stores to look for framing
supplies.  Been running; I did a double-session…
yesterday.  I woke up and ran 2+ miles around 10ish, ate
breakfast, then after watching Hero, went to Lexington and ran a 6 x
200m workout on the outdoor track there.  It was REALLY
cold.  Today I went up to Andover and went running in
the Cage (4 x 300), showered, then went to see Firewall (Harrison Ford
movie) with Kate and Mike Li.  Afterwards, we ate dinner at Fresh
City.  It’s been fun.

I’ve become more and more aware of how not-worth-it my life is when I
don’t have God.  Tomorrow is a real, legit, committed day because
I’m kinda… through with myself, sick with myself, tired of myself not
being as committed.  I mean it too.  It’s time to get back on
the road, really.

First entry of vacation!!

Hurray, on vacation!!  I did so much studying for
Physics.  And, the final went quite well I think!!! It’s crazy for
me to say that I know, but I really wasn’t that worried or stressed or
anything when I was in there taking it.  Afterwards… I went
running with Dowdy (3 miles I believe, up Holt Hill) then went to
Richardson’s with Becca, Dowdy (her car) and Pawina.  I got
a small, one scoop of Toll House Cookie (one of my favorites there!)
and one of Coffe Oreo.  It was actually quite daring of
us, since she lacks carpermission sticker (legally it’s
fine, but PA is whiny).  And please, nobody go and report this
infraction to Marlys or anything.  I’d be quite sad since school
was out and we were done and everything.

Then, cleaned the room and packed madly and then went to fellowship
with the parents!  I haven’t been since the long weekend and
before that, since last vacation.  Yesterday, had a late-ish
breakfast and then went to Boston.  We walked around Boston Common
and Gardens for awhile and then went to eat dim sum at Emperor’s Garden
in Chinatown.  Later, went to Sports Authority at Shoppers’ World
where I bought a Nalgene (since mine is missing!), a resistance band
(so I can do the shoulder rehab at home without the use of the PA
training room), and a pair of Asics-2100s for only $50!!! Because they
just came out with the 2110s, the 2100s have been cut down so
much.  It’s awesome

Today I led worship.  I hope the set was good…. nothing too
fancy I don’t think, except for maybe the direct transition from Who Am I right into O Sacred King
Drove to Wendy’s for lunch with Dan, Mike, Helen, and Jenny – twas
tasty.  Hung around and talked with Joyce for awhile about
some things which was also good.  Then came back and watched

Spiritually, looking back on these last 2 weeks, things have not
been smooth.  No crises or anything exactly, but my faith has
sorta slipped a bit because of work and finals and Econ paper and
English papers and English in-class and all work crap.  I’m not
proud of it, I’m not happy that I let go of God so I could grab hold of
grades (or attempt to).  But this week, I dunno, I was more and
more aware of how, without God, my life is and would be really really
really completely empty.  I have girlfriend, improving/improved
grades, success in Track this season yes.  But… I was aware of
how when I let go of God, sin increased in my life.  I talked
about feeling sick about myself… yeah, that was it.  I dunno
exactly what God wants for me, I feel like He was showing me that,
since He’s always there and is constant and ever-mindful of us, I
should be investing myself more whole-heartedly and wholly into Him,
and ACF and CGC.  I don’t think I can pinpoint all of the reasons
I sensed that – some are devos, some are feelings, some are the
feelings of self-digust I had for my deplored state (I’ve augmented the
word deplorable to be a more appropriate description.  Sorry, that
was random)… I don’t know what it all means exactly or what God is
asking/saying.  He’s been quite… quiet, quite… gentle in
expressing His opinion lately.

So pray for me for that.  I’m praying for a lot of people as
well, in church (thank you everybody who shared today.  I’m proud
of you for doing it), and out of church as well.  Dunno why I
mentioned that, but I am.

Time for bed.  Man I’m tired.

[p.s. a random survey has been completed below the song lyric]


for it’s the mystery of the universe

You’re the God of holiness

yet You welcome souls like me
-matt redman


01.) Name:: Gregory
02.) Middle Name:: Philip (John Hou-En)
03.) DOB:: 12/11/87
04.) Age:: 18
05.) Location:: Lincoln, MA
06.) Eye Color:: Dark Brown
07.) Hair Color:: Black
08.) Hair Length:: Getting somewhat long
09.) Height:: 5’4″
10.) Shoe Size:: 8, 8.5 depending on the shoe
11.) Glasses or Contacts:: contacts
12.) Braces:: a while back.
13.) Single or Taken:: Taken
14.) crush or love?:: With the girl I’m with or what I prefer in general?
Fears:: failing. failing God, failing someone who loves me, making the
wrong decisions when it’s time to make the hard ones, or the right ones
(I’m honestly not talking about college; i’m thinking of more important
and bigger issues…)
16.) Screen Name:: HsusYourDaddy

::_**_:: School ::_**_::

17.) Where Do You Go to School:: Phillips Academy (the original PA)
18.) Whats Your School Mascot:: Gunga the Gorilla
19.) Whats Your School Colors:: Blue and White (Royal blue…)
Whats Your Favorite Subject:: Hmm… Econ this term I guess?  None
of my classes this term aside from Econ were really great…

21.) Whos Your Favorite Teacher:: Ever at PA?  Ms. St-Pierre, Mr. McGraw, Mr. Perry
22.) What Do They Teach:: English, English, Econ
Who Sits Next to You In Science Class:: Science class??  Colin
Calibrese on my left, and Veronika Kamenova on my left (or sometimes

::_**_:: Love Life ::_**_::

24.) Do You Have a Boyfriend/ Girlfriend:: Yes
25.) If So, Whats There Name:: Kit Harris
26.) If So, How Long Have You Been Together:: 1 month and 12 days
27.) Do You Have a Crush:: ?
28.) Do They Know:: I’m with her now
Have You Ever Broken Someones Heart:: Yes. maybe more than one, but the
most important one… i’ll never forget what i’ve done.
30.) Have You Ever Had Your Heart Broken:: yes.

::_**_:: Favorites ::_**_::

Animal:: Hmm.. Cats, cute ones. and those bunnies from the Wallace and
Gromit movie…. or the pink tooty muppets from the Manamana video.
32.) Color:: navy blue, hunter green, scarlet/crimson are good.
33.) Person:: Huh?! this is an unreasonable question.
34.) Subject:: History or English usually, depending on the teacher.
35.) Season:: Summer or Winter when it’s good snow and not gross.
36.) Holiday:: Christmas.
37.) Hobby:: Writing, piano, figuring out new songs, reading, singing
38.) Sport:: Track & Field, and then XC
Feeling:: the feeling when I know that I am right with God and that for
a single moment in my inconsistent and fickle being, I’ve got it
40.) Saying:: hm… “what the deuce?” or “you goose
Word:: derno. i like the word obfuscate. i used to like juxtapose, but
it’s one of those disgusting po-mo or overused words that kids at PA
bring up when they’re trying to make a bad idea sound good.
42.) Month:: June… and December
43.) Clothing:: certain t-shirts, my Track jacket, certain jeans.
44.) Jewelry:: umm…. livestrong? class ring? watch?
45.) Food:: mom’s food.  she is a fantastic cook.
46.) Snack:: ramen! or…. ice cream!

::_**_:: Friends ::_**_::

Best:: geez!  Andrew and Josh for sure (freshman memories die
hard), and Becca and Dowdy (Kit’s in a different category).  My 06
bros from TC.
48.) Daringest:: Hmm… when Dowdy and I want to eat ice cream, we can be quite daring…
49.) Funniest:: Andrew Yoon is funny, often when he’s not trying to be.  Michael and Daniel are funny at church.
50.) Tallest:: ?? Marty’s pretty darn tall…
51.) Shortest:: Me… or if we count church people, then Annie!
Loudest:: I….. dont’ have tha many loud friends… when we’re in a
group, I can be kinda loud… it’s really kind of obnoxious.
53.) Shyest:: Becca and Gershy aren’t exactly shy but…. i dunno, that’s the best I could come up with.
54.) Smartest:: Umm…. ANDREW HSIAO and, to a lesser degree since I’m not as close with him, Dan Whalen.
55.) Blondest:: hrm… Kathy Kao
Craziest:: Almost all of my friends have a really crazy streak and at
PA, the stress/work/lackofsleep really accentuates
57.) Nicest:: i…. hm…
58.) Sweetest:: Angela Lin.
59.) Weirdest:: Andrew Yoon is most often the most weird so I guess he gets it.
Flirtiest:: This isn’t a trait I want to give anybody.  I can be
that guy sometimes. – and, btw, if it’s not evident, i’m not proud of

::_**_:: Have You Ever ::_**_::

61.) Had a Wish Come True:: Yeah
62.) Had a Dream Come True:: A dream? like… a dream at night?  I guess…? no…. maybe not.
63.) Broken a Body Part:: Toes i think, from stepping badly but nothing really.
64.) Fallen in Love: Yes.  I think everybody knows this one though.
65.) Done Something You Regret:: Yes and I live with it everyday.
66.) Tripped and Fell in Public:: HAHAHAHa no not in awhile but oh boy it stinks when you do.
67.) Sang in Public:: This morning at church.  Last friday night.
68.) Cried in Public:: Yes.  More often than I like.
69.) Say hi to someone you didnt no?:: By mistake yes.  Being random?  Yeah that too.
70.) Been in a Car Crash:: Multiple.. maybe…… 5.

::_**_:: The Last ::_**_::

71.) Thing You Did Before Getting on the Computer:: watched Syriana with my Dad (bootleg DVDs)
Person You Yelled at:: Errr… i think Becca Johnson.  It was an
instant of insensitivity and defensiveness!! I’m really sorry.
73.) Person You Were Nice To:: hahah this is weird.. I try and be nice generally.
74.) Person You IMed:: Viv Ho, Becca Johnson, or Lily He.
Time You Cleaned Your Room:: Uh, I cleaned my dorm room on Friday
because it had to be spotless before I left.  BUt my room here at
home is now really really messy cuz I brought back clothes and such.
76.) Song You were Listening to: Obsession by
David Crowder. This song really captures it, captures the pain of being
so down that you have no hope ahead, no vision to guide you.  I
love this song, almost as much as I love Everything by Lifehouse.
77.) Television show you watched: No TV but…
78.) Movie You Watched:: I watched 2 movies todaY!  I saw The Constant Gardener and Syriana.
79.) Time You went to the Movies:: Over break maybe?  No, scratch that; a group of us went to see The New World.  It was disappointing, but luckily, we sitll had a good time!
80.) Time You Cried:: Last week…. we’re not gonna get into it, it’s pretty much the same complicated issue(s).
81.) You Took a Shower:: This morning before church.

::_**_:: This OR That ::_**_::

82.) Coke OR Pepsi:: (Cherry) Coke
Tall OR Short:: I’d prefer to be tall if that’s what you mean. 
I’d prefer the girl to be my height (aka short) yes it makes me
feel inadequate.
84.) Flowers OR Candy:: candy. i’m a guy, sorry.
85.) Math OR English:: ENGLISH!
86.) Blink 182 OR Sugarcult:: wth… blink 182 i guess? i’d rather have so many other bands ….
87.) Mickey OR Minnie:: Mickey Mouse.
Middle School OR High School:: This…. is odd.  High School, I’ve
done so much better in High school in every respect.
89.) Good OR Bad:: umm, good. i may be forceful and strong-willed but no bad thanks.
90.) Single OR Taken:: Huh?  Well… i prefer TAKEN when it’s right… that makes sense yes?

::_**_:: Word Association ::_**_::

91.) bead:: of sweat.  running, working out..
92.) bed:: time. which is usually midnight or later during school.
93.) sexy:: no comment.
94.) phone:: call. which have been more numerous since i got a cell phone this summer.
95.) tough:: stuff, what many people are going through
96.) neato:: something i never say.
97.) leather:: shoes.
98.) weird:: what most people at Andover are.
99.) so:: how’ve you been?
100.) easy:: schedule – what i’m hoping for next term!
101.) test:: of my patience, willpower… i dunno, life? faith?
102.) nerds:: most of us at Andover
103.) falling:: … what I’m hoping not to do this break or next term.
104.) air:: freshener?  dunno, i can smell scented oil in the house.
105.) hot:: head – what i can be if i don’t keep a check on it.

::_**_:: Random ::_**_::

106.) do u sleep with a stuff animal:: well, here at home there’s a stuffed animal cow we bought in spain.
107.) do u like snowballs:: haha yes, especially when the people I’m pelting don’t have gloves
108.) are u in school:: VACATION!
109.) do u like to swim:: sure!  I like snorkeling too.
110.) are u funny:: I think so, I can be quite clever, but i’m not comedian.
111.) wut do u think of water:: water’s…… important.
112.) are u a blonde at heart:: hahah no
113.) have u ever been to maryland:: yeah, visit colleges.
114.) have u seen “Chasing Liberty?”: WTH kind of question is this?  no i haven’t, and odn’t plan to.
115.) are u happy this survey is over:: Actually yes, i’m quite tired….. man, i statred this ilke….. 20 minutes ago.

One left…

Finals week is almost over!

This has been an interesting week.  On Monday I wrote my last
in-class essay for Dom’s class (I already got it back and got a 5!
*dances* of course… I’m a 5-6 English student and I’m relying on this
one grade to fight for a 5… it’s kinda ridiculous).  I also
turned in my Econ paper to Perry on Monday and he said it was good this
time whereas last term I was… a bit misfocused.

I got back Dom’s in-class as I already said, and also I got back my 1st
of 2 papers from Fulton; solid 5 as well so I’m getting a 5 no doubt (I
think any chance of a 6 in that class is gone unless I get a 6 on the
creative paper AND she feels generous and bumps me up).  After
test corrections, I got an 83 on my final Physics test which is
good too.

I had my Math final yesterday at 10:30 and I think it went well! 
But of course, that doesn’t mean much since last term I felt the same
way and ended up with a stinking 72.  Hopefully it was
better this time since I think it was easier (although I had a worse
teacher I guess….)

All I have left is Physics.  Blah.  It’s hard, and
scary.  And I can’t wait till next week where I’m going to be able
to sleep in and eat food at home and just… actually have time for
things.  I’m faced with the reality that God is not angry at me
but I feel like He has more waiting for me, He has stuff lined up if
only I’d go and engage Him.  I’m not quite sure what it entails; I
have an inkling perhaps, but God’s not like.. “GREG LISTEN” like….
other times.  I personally am not doing as well in my faith,
like… I’ve been more prone to swearing and sin and such – it’s not a
state I enjoy.  I’ve been, frankly, kinda sick of myself and sick
with myself this past week for the things I feel and do and how
God-less some of my life is, not in the sense that I’m doing drugs or
drinking or engaging in reckless debauchery (because I’m not), but in
the sense that since it has no real God element in it… is it worth it?

I think I’m reading into some things too much but yes, I’ve been
thinking quite a bit lately.  I know that this vacation will
finally be a chance for me to retreat personally, actually read the
Bible and learn some more songs on the piano.  *phew*

Ok it’s time to leave my room and go to lunch.  I didn’t wake up in time for breakfast today so I’m kinda hungry.

there’s twenty-four reasons
to admit that i’m wrong
and all my excuses
still twenty-four strong