National Staff Conference: Preview

I am off to St. Louis for the much-anticipated IV national staff conference 2011! All active IV staff will be there to learn about how God wants to redeem not just individual students or build up a strong chapter, but transform the whole campus to reflect Him.

I will be in the Multiethnicity track — we’ll learn about how, as IV staff workers, we can demonstrate racial reconciliation and unity of the diverse Body on campus. So often the secular vision of diversity is only skin deep; God wants something better and I look forward to the chance to explore this topic.

I’m also glad to spend time with my other staff worker friends/colleagues, not only from the Blue Ridge region (VA, NC, SC) but those that I’ve met from all over the country!

Please pray that our learning and fellowship times will be used by God to enrich and energize us for greater love for Him and for our campuses.

My last national staff gathering was in Madison WI for training summer. I know God will use SC 11 to do great things in us and for our students.


One response to “National Staff Conference: Preview

  1. yay! hope it’s good. your track sounds fun 🙂

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