National Staff Conference: Stretching

It’s been a good time so far in St. Louis with all the other staff. Overwhelming is an understatement. There are 1300 staff from all departments and geographical regions (including overseas-serving staff). We’re hearing sermons and talks that are pushing us to stretch our vision of campus renewal. Our seminars and training tracks are encouraging us to practically and prayerfully try new things that encourage our students or the university to see what God wants to do to set things right.

I’m very much processing the material and content we’ve heard – there have been many things that’ve definitely pushed me to reconsider my present views of university life, staff responsibility, personal discipleship when it comes to settling into the universities we are called to. I hope to write more later about some of the specifics that I’ve felt convicted about but there have many things that I’ve seen the Lord speaking and highlighting things for me. So that is exciting!

Thanks for your prayers and support as I and other staff are here to learn about how to help bring about God’s renewal to the whole campus.


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