True Love (Invitation LG Sermon)

Last night I got to preach at UVA’s Spring Invitational Large Group (TRUE LOVE: God, sex, relationships & all the complications). The Lord gave me with peace and boldness to proclaim the truth about our desires, pain, and the hope that God offers us in relationship with Him!

At least THREE students decided to begin or recommit to relationship with God — I was fortunate enough to pray with two of them who made the decision together.  Hearing their story of how God brought them to that point was really incredible, the Holy Spirit truly pursues relentlessly. God is so good.

If you’d prefer a larger frame go here: True Love Sermon (Part 1. You’ll notice it ends a bit abruptly because at that point I introduce a student to share her testimony. I can’t upload that portion just yet so you’ll have to wait a bit until that’s ready!

*DISCLAIMER* Some of the language in this talk pertains to human anatomy — it is said to be frank and honest, not to be crude or crass in any way.

Preaching at Invitation Large Group


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