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Spring 2012 prayer requests

Dear friends and readers,

It certainly has been a long time since I wrote something in the HSUVa blog! Part of it was a creative drought after the big “Glee’s ‘Asian F'” post (which took over two weeks to write & edit), and I was spending much of the winter break with family and resting up after what has been an amazing but exhausting Fall. And unfortunately, I’ve got nothing else just yet to write. I do however want to share an event update and prayer requests. Here’s what the Spring has in store:

  • Community Group (Jan 23-Feb 9): I am very excited to restart community group! For the next four weeks we’ll be doing a series of activities geared toward preparing for Winter Conference. We’ll look at culture/ethnic identity and how the Gospel can be present in our every day college lives. Pray that we’d acquire God’s vision and that even this month we’ll have new students who will even come to Winter Conference!
  • Winter Conference (Feb 10-12): Our area conference will draw over 500 students from 9 different chapters. Our speaker this year, James Chuong, will guide us as we consider “a life of impact and steps to get there” in small group & seminar settings to. Pray that the AIV students experience God’s call on their individual lives & on our fellowship life to have impact on everyone around us.
  • ECAASU Seminar (Feb 24-26): I’m in the research/writing phase as I prepare to deliver my seminar on the need for unity between religious & non-religious Asian Americans in order to achieve social impact. Pray that I’d be productive, that my words would encourage new understanding, & that it would provide a gateway for people to engage cultural, spiritual, & social issues!
  • Spring Break to the Bronx, NY (Feb 3-10): I can’t wait to bring AIV students to the Bronx, NY as I’ve done so many times in college. Our week with Harvest Church will help us see why and how neighborly love is crucial, and doable. Pray that AIV students would be willing to go/get permission from parents, and that we’d grow deeper in love with God’s plans & ways.
That’s enough for now I think. Thanks for your reading and praying, and for waiting even when I don’t post!

Our last Community Group of the Fall. Pray for us as we continue to grow & advance in God's calling for us to serve others!


CGCM English service: LOST SONS (video)

On Sunday, Jan 8th, I had the privilege of preaching at CGCM’s Renewal congregation service. I selected Luke 15:11-32, the so-called “Parable of the Prodigal Son” as my text since it’s been on my mind a lot. Out of all the Bible stories, this is the one Asians are least comfortable with, and thus, the one I had to preach on.

I asked the audience to imagine that the characters in Jesus’ story were all Asian, that this was an Asian family. I believe it’s more historico-culturally accurate, and also more personally relevant for many of the people, Asian or not, who might’ve heard a different message from this text or the church in general. Much of this is similar to material I teach back at UVA / in Asian InterVarsity, because in a sense, I believe this is the Gospel for Asians as we sorely need to hear it.

You can watch the sermon video uploaded below to Vimeo (recorded by my friend Enping H!):

It was amusing to have the youth all sit up front to see their reaction as I asked them to imagine the characters as Asian (and other similar expositions throughout).