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2011-2012 AIV report

Dear friends & supporters,

I’m excited to present my 2011-2012 ministry report. God has done many great things in our inaugural year. Asian InterVarsity is growing & going forward in God’s vision of renewal for the University of Virginia. I hope you’re encouraged as you read the report, & that you’ll consider how you might partner with the work God is doing. Prayer & financial support has been critical in encouraging & resourcing me as I’ve spent this 1st year sowing new seeds & feeding hard soil toward a harvest in the Asian & Asian American community. If you’re interested in partnering, please…

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God has done great things this year. I hope you are encouraged & will consider partnering to help support as we move forward to greater & deeper things.


Winter Conference ’12: SKEPTIC TO SEEKER (audio)

This recording is very overdue, but here’s the audio of a seminar I gave back in January at our area winter conference! The conference helped students deal with the unspoken question of “what happens after I become a Christian?” and how to keep on growing in general, giving students a vision for growth and purpose whether they were a skeptic still figuring out their view of Jesus, a faithful Christian who was in a position of affecting the world around them.

My seminar was on the first step: Skeptic to Seeker — it offers very practical understanding and advice for Christians on how to best help their skeptic friends become seekers, and also directly addresses skeptics (which we did have in the room) and gives them counsel on their own role in growing. The talk went very well and students asked some great questions, including a student who at the time had just started going to her school’s InterVarsity chapter. She came and asked me after about how to grow and I was really encouraged as I spoke with her then prayed with her. A couple months later at summer Rockbridge, I found out that she’d become a Christian since I saw her last! What a wonderful glimpse of the journey I’d been teaching on.