About HSUVa

Welcome to HSUVa! — a blog about Greg Hsu’s work with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at the University of Virginia (HSU + U.Va = HSUVa). I’ve committed to stay here in Charlottesville for at least the next three years to plant a ministry focused on Asian and Asian American students. To read more about that, click on the “About AIV” tab next to “About HSUVa.”

What is HSUVa?
It’s where I’ll post reflections, updates, or articles that relate to my work with this UVA IV chapter or college ministry in general. I’ll still send out monthly supporter updates, but think of this as auxiliary material, more frequent and more varied.

What is InterVarsity?
InterVarsity is a campus ministry of fellowship communities at many colleges and universities — each chapter is committed to seeing students’ lives transformed by the Gospel, the campus renewed by the love of Jesus, and the world changed by students who dedicate their lives to expressing God’s truth and love wherever they are.  We help students tackle life’s biggest questions and find the love and purpose that God created them for.

Who am I?
I’m Greg Hsu, a graduate of Duke University (class of 2010) now working full-time with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as a campus minister, which is a lot of things: a professional Christian friend, counselor, leadership coach, program coordinator, community-builder, and catalyst among other things. I work to develop student leaders so they can better know Jesus, and better serve others (Christian and non-Christian) as they travel together on their spiritual journeys. How do I and other IV staff do this? Through mentoring/training, Bible study, counseling, and pointing students toward God’s vision for college campuses — to see STUDENTS TRANSFORMED / CAMPUSES RENEWED / WORLD-CHANGERS DEVELOPED


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