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CHBC Chinese fellowship: July 12 Bridging the gap(s)

I had the opportunity to visit the Chapel Hill Bible Church and give my “Who Am I?: Identity, Christianity, & Asianity” seminar to the Chinese fellowship on Friday, July 8. This time was different because (1) I had a translator, (2) I revised the structure of the talk so that it (to my mind) flows much better. You can find the video at the end of the post. The turnout was great, with 50 or more in attendance. It was an amazing chance to help bridge the gap — not just between Chinese (1st generation/immigrant) parents and Chinese-American (2nd generation) children, but also between Christian and non-Christian!

Apparently, they sent out a flier/promotional e-mail across their list-serv, including through a local Chinese school and presumably people shared about it through word of mouth too. But Kuo-Ping, one of the coordinators/deacons told me that there were many people they had never seen before at all! Non-Christian Chinese parents (and some of their kids) attended a seminar where I described how God through the salvation and healing of Jesus is the only answer to our difficult identity problems! What an honor and privilege.

This again goes to show just how crucial it is for us to address the issues of Asian-Americans (within the context of both their Asian heritage and American society). Anyone who has heard my full vision (or has read my support letter) for U.Va’s Asian-American InterVarsity knows that I believe that the necessary discipleship AND witness/outreach for Asian-American students is squarely found in that issue. Tonight is proof of that. Not that it will be easy, but having some better answers/approaches to this question can build up Godly families but may also contribute to the work of witness to those who don’t know Jesus, 1st-and 2nd-generation both!

And then on Sunday I got to present my ministry and God provided at least two new partners that very day! Praise the Lord for provision. I even got treated to lunch by some current supporters. As always, I’m affirmed that partnership really is a two-way, and very encouraging, relationship.

You can see the video (minus the last 5 minutes and the Q&A section — my camera ran out of memory) here: