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CGCM: June 19 Commissioning (video and photos)

From June 12-19, I spent time with Chinese Gospel Church of Massachusetts (CGCM, my home church) in Southborough, MA. As students are on break, I spent time visiting and serving churches that partner with me — seminars, preaching, presenting my ministry plan — because I value my partnerships tremendously & see them as a significant part of my in ministry. This is Part 3 of 3 about visiting CGCM!

On Sunday, June 19, I had the privilege of being commissioned by the Chinese Gospel Church of Massachusetts (my home church) as a missionary partner. I am extremely grateful for their support and commitment to me and the work I’m doing with InterVarsity!

Click the video below (or go HERE) to watch the commissioning from 53:20 to 1:14:10. I briefly present my work with InterVarsity as a chapter planter, then the elders pray over me. You’ll notice our pastor translates for me because this is the main congregation, conducted entirely in Mandarin Chinese.

Presenting about Asian-American IV at the beginning of the commissioning.

My prayer of commissioning by our pastor and the church elders.