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InterVarsity Asian Ministries features my talk & many others!

InterVarsity Asian Ministries features my talk & many others!

IV’s Asian American Ministries page has compiled some of the Urbana PANA lounge talks! Right now, mine’s the most recent and at the top of the page! Such an honor to be able to contribute to our ministry resources and the national conversation. Click here to see it!

Also, check out the other speakers’ talks — these men and women are really eminent leaders in the Asian American ministry community. I can hardly believe I’m featured on the same page as any (let alone ALL) of these individuals! It’s an honor to be serving alongside leaders like these.


Broken Bread Meal

Over 30 students participated in the Broken Bread Meal. They are in small groups eating the porridge and learning about different children's experiences.

The Outreach Team organized a “Broken Bread Meal” — an opportunity for students to experience hunger and the hardships of many people in the 2/3 world. We received materials from World Vision, a Christian international poverty relief and development non-profit organization, which included the meal we were to serve: a kind of white mealy porridge that they serve or distribute to camps or to people in need.

Many students fasted during lunch or the whole day to better simulate hunger and the experience of looking forward to one porridge meal. They also split up into groups to read about individual stories of children from all over the world who are under all kinds of hardship — hunger, extreme poverty, infection with diseases like HIV/AIDS, sex slavery — so that they could better understand what needs are going on around them.

At the end, they were invited to take some information about how they can help, and some gave donations to support World Vision’s programs. Please pray for the needy all around the world, especially in extreme poverty. Pray also for UVA IV students to continue to grow in their desire to see justice and care sent out to all who need it.

I sat with this small group. Steph is sharing about a girl from Rwanda who had to drop out of school to help make money for her family.