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OneWay IV large group sermon: THE BANDAGED LIFE (audio)

On March 1, 2013, I was invited to speak again at OneWay IV’s large group — this time, it was for an invitational large group, specifically set-up to be friendly for newcomers. They’d spent the week doing Proxe Stations with a theme about “Faking It.” At U.Va especially, there are certain personas and images that students feel pressured to adopt. OneWay’s desire was to help refute those with the image that God has for us.

As I’ve said before, OneWay is another chapter of IV at U.Va specifically focused on black and African American students. I spoke on Luke 5:12-16 to help students see how bandaging up the wounds we have prevents us from receiving healing. I really enjoyed the chance to speak into an ethnic-specific ministry context that wasn’t my own, yet still see how my own unique Asian American identity and minority experience could really bless and resonate with students.  You can find the audio of my talk here. Special thanks to Ting-Ting for recording it!

It was a joy to speak to OneWay twice this year!

It was a joy to speak to OneWay twice this year!


Spring Proxes

Mon-Wed (today is the last day), students have been at two locations on Grounds using our Proxe Stations (conversation table/displays) to talk with passersby about relationships, dating, sex, and their goals or experiences with them. We have had some very interesting conversations!

Our table inside Newcomb Hall.

Engaging UVA students at Proxe Stations

Logan & Maralize work at our Proxe Station set up outside O-Hill dining hall.

It has been a smashing week! We got to speak with over 220 UVA students at our Proxe Stations! I’m guessing that we got to share the Gospel message at least 40 times, potentially up around 70 times! WOW. So many amazing stories about how the Lord brought people to us at the stations, how He made opportunities & worked in the conversations. The Lord was really at work while we were on Grounds. How encouraging to see Him doing such amazing things when we step out on the edge of our comfort zones.

Three IV members - Natalie, Anna, & Caleb - talk with UVA students at our Proxe Station at Newcomb Hall.

A week of witness

This week is UVA IV’s Witness Week – a time where we’ll focus on getting trained and stepping out to witness to the University in two ways: (1) Proxe Stations (conversational booths) that allow IV members to engage UVA students about issues of injustice, suffering, and God, and (2) a special large group that addresses those same questions in a more comprehensive fashion, especially for non-Christians or those who are skeptical or unsure about faith in God.

Today we begin our Proxe Stations on UVA Grounds at two locations. Even though I’ve done them two times before at Duke, and been part of the leadership group over them once, I’m still nervous and apprehensive every time — fear of logistical details or oversights, what if I forget to say/ask/do [fill in the blank]?, the fear of being turned down multiple times (which always happens), the list goes on.

I think the students feel the same way (minus the strategic/logistical concerns) and I’ve been praying for them also, that God would use this opportunity to witness to show them the truth about the campus — that people really ARE eager, curious, or aching to have conversations about deeper spiritual things. I also hope that it will grow not just their capacity but their conviction about the need to be a community that really witnesses in word and deed and in the flesh, not just at 2 locations for 3 days, but with hallmates, classmates, teammates etc. And of course I’m praying for God to bring us people like the Ethiopian Eunuch, and that we could help them take whatever next step is needed in their spiritual journey.

Your prayers are appreciated for all these things! Thanks very much!


Proxe Making!

Making Proxe Stations all afternoon!

Proxe Stations are a spiritual conversation facilitation tool/booth that are set up in a public place on campus where InterVarsity students will ask random passersby to talk about a certain issue or theme. They are visually/artistically-striking & involve interesting questions. Today, we made the Proxe Stations that UVA IV will use as part of our Witness Week efforts next Monday to Wednesday. All the stations focus on injustice, suffering, our role, & God’s role. We’ll use the stations for 3 days, then end the week with a special large group on a similar topic.

It took a LOT of effort & help from many people to get them all done &  they look fabulous! The students will be trained in how to use the Proxe Station boards on Sunday so that they can engage students on UVA Grounds. Please pray for good IV student turnout at training & sign-ups to work the stations next week! Pray also for many passersby to stop for good conversations & for the special large group to be well-attended!