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My summer schedule

People wonder what IV staff workers do during summer since our students our gone. The answer: A LOT! My summer looks like this (and is pretty similar for lots of other IV staff workers):

  • Raising support: Building more partnerships to support the new Asian-American chapter plant at UVa through prayer & finances since budget needs increase to match my new responsibility level.
  • Training: From national-level staff on how to plant a new chapter, as well as through reading and working with other staff.
  • Working with my partner churches: I’ll get to serve my partner churches by preaching and conducting seminars. I’ll also be recognized as a missionary partner by 2 of my churches.

The location-based version of the list is as follows. Particularly when I’m in MA and NC I am free to meet up and fill you in on the new ministry focus — I’ll have some updated materials by then (which I also hope to post online as soon as possible). If you’re in the/I’m in your area, contact me!

  • June 9-22: MA (various CGCM events —
    6/12 preaching for English congregation [9am] + missions board presentation [1pm];
    6/17 seminar on “college prep starts in 1st grade” [8pm];
    6/19 commissioning ceremony [10am])
  • June 23-29: Durham, NC (friend’s wedding etc.)
  • June 29-July 5: Madison, WI (staff training on how to plant a missional, vision-centered chapter from scratch)
  • July 5-9: Durham, NC (friend’s wedding)
  • July 10-14: Charlottesville, VA (working with the other UVa staff to discern and craft vision for multiethnicity and racial reconciliation)
  • July 15-29: MA & NY? (various CGCW events + possible CFCNYC events —
    7/15-17 keynote youth group speaker for CGCW missions weekend + Sunday congregational recognition as partner missionary)
    7/22? – visit CFCNYC?
  • July 29-31: St. Louis, MO (friend’s wedding)
  • Aug 1 & beyond: Charlottesville, VA (move-in, area staff retreat, friend’s wedding?, school year begins!)

Sorry that this post isn’t so interesting but I wanted to fill you in / beg pardon for my lack of posting!