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InterVarsity Asian Ministries features my talk & many others!

InterVarsity Asian Ministries features my talk & many others!

IV’s Asian American Ministries page has compiled some of the Urbana PANA lounge talks! Right now, mine’s the most recent and at the top of the page! Such an honor to be able to contribute to our ministry resources and the national conversation. Click here to see it!

Also, check out the other speakers’ talks — these men and women are really eminent leaders in the Asian American ministry community. I can hardly believe I’m featured on the same page as any (let alone ALL) of these individuals! It’s an honor to be serving alongside leaders like these.



While at Urbana I had the privilege of speaking at the Pan-Asian N. American (PANA) lounge – a place where Asian American students could gather for food, fellowship, and to hear short talks focusing on a big idea that related to intersection of ethnic identity and spiritual life. I was the very last speaker in 4 days of excellent talks. My topic: “Asian America: Divided by God?” or, more bluntly, “Why don’t non-Christian Asian Americans like our Asian fellowship?

This 10-minute talk is a re-shaped version of my talk at ECAASU back in February. While ECAASU focuses on political activism and cultural awareness, largely from a secular standpoint, Urbana engages these topics from a Christian background. I approached the divide between religious and non-religious Asian Americans from a scriptural standpoint. I called Asian American Christians to re-examine their fears and gifts and to recommit to Christ’s mandate and manner of witness.

It seemed to elicit positive response from folks who’ve never heard this topic spoken on before. Some students I know from Duke, as well as student leaders from MIT and the University of Michigan, asked questions about how to  embody this kind of culturally-authentic / culturally-effective witness. Again I’m grateful for the chance to speak out of what God has led me through (even though I still feel so far behind where I should be)!

You can see the video here:

At the PANA "Big Idea" speaker stage on the last day of Urbana.

At the PANA “Big Idea” speaker stage on the last day of Urbana.

Serving at Urbana 2012!

I’m at Urbana 2012 Missions Convention in St. Louis, MO and it is awesome! I’m working Social Media for the conference (#SocialSquad), using instagram, twitter, and writing posts for the InterVarsity national blog.

Here’s a blog post I wrote, profiling the experience of an individual student. I was glad to pick one U.Va’s very own, Jerry M! He’s a leader in U.Va’s Black campus ministry chapter, OneWay InterVarsity. You can read the post here: http://www.intervarsity.org/blog/day-life-glimpses-urbana-12

Here are some of the photos I’ve taken for the instagram account (@urbanamissions):

I’m also speaking this afternoon at the Pan-Asian student lounge. I’m doing a book giveaway to help promote it too: see HERE!

Pray for us as we also have a U.Va InterVarsity family gathering this afternoon. Pray that students would be encouraged as we share and pray for God to continue working in our hearts.

Giving away books to encourage people to attend my #PANA talk!

Giving away books to encourage people to attend my #PANA talk!